Technology making industrial administration and security trustworthy

The industrial operation, administration, and management have evolved from human controlled aspects to device controlled aspects. Some technologically advanced concepts have arrived in this regard. The best part, these devices have made company administration and security aspects trustworthy. RFID and MDMs can be the perfect examples in this context.


Radio frequency identification or RFID makes use of the electromagnetic fields to spontaneously distinguish and follow the tags attached to the product. The tags usually keep digital information. Tags gather energy from the radio waves of a reader device kept close. These tags can be of two types- active and passive.


Passive tags have energy as explained above. On the other hand, the active tags get powered through a native power house, something like a battery. This power source may operate at a significant distance from the RFID reader. Distinguishing part about the barcodes is that here the tag doesn’t need to be in line with the vision of the person. It can be thus implanted within a tracked device. Today RFID tags are used by several industries.

These tags are mostly used during the automobile manufacture for tracking the process. There is a great use of these tags among the pharmaceutical industries as well. In fact, RFID microchips are being implanted these days in living organisms for a better identification of those. It means these tags can be integrated with money, wearable, animals, etc. to meet the demands of the highest level privacy.

This is why the large scale industries are making the most use of these tags than the smaller ones. The growth of the market for RFID has been quite noteworthy since its inception. To be specific, the concept has witnessed a significant growth since 2012. Though lion’s credit of this growth goes to the large companies, it is certainly expected that the same level of growth can be witnessed among the small scale industries in coming days.

Mobile Device Management System:

Mobile device management system or MDM is another promising concept in the world of technology. It is a professional term used for the administration of smartphones, slates, notebooks, PCs, etc. This concept is particularly executed through the help of an external product having management features for specific suppliers of the smartphone devices.


Moreover, it has turned out to be one of the best ways of ensuring the perfect administration of the employees within the organization. There are many industries at present those are making use of the MDM devices for regulating the performance of their officials. In most cases, MDM is used for adding security to emails, protecting the corporate data over the official systems, checking whether the corporate regulations are being executed properly, incorporating the smartphones and laptops within the company, etc.

Interestingly, it is possible to go for cloud based MDM implementation as well. MDM features can be used for air distribution of application, information and configuration settings for a range of devices including smartphones, PCs, printers, etc. For their usability with both private smartphones as well as the phones given by the company, MDM has managed to be preferable among the company management groups.


How useful are Warehouse Management System and RFID

Technology has made things absolutely easy for modern day industries. Starting from production to safety aspects, technology has turned out to be the necessity of all. It has streamlined the process and improved productivity. As the human efforts are minimized, the tasks can be accomplished in minimal time.


Radio-frequency identification of RFID is one such incredible concept. RFID mostly uses electromagnetic fields to spontaneously distinguish and read the tags attached with an object. These tags often contain electronically preserved details.

In general, the tags can be divided in to tow types; one is active tag and the other is passive tag. Passive tags accumulate energy from the RFID reader’s probing radio waves. Active tags on the other hand contain a native power source, something like a battery that can operate at a far distance from the RFID reader.


Tags can be distinguished from the usual barcodes as the tags don’t need to be there within the line of vision of the reader. Hence, it can be integrated within the tracked product. RFID is one of the ways for automatic identification and data capture.

Radio Frequency Identification concept is used in various industries. One can easily find RFID tag with an automobile product while the production process goes on, primarily for tracking its progression rate. Apart from this, these tags are also used with pharmaceutical products to be tracked from the warehouses. In fact, RFID microchips can also be implanted within the animals for their distinction.

Well, RFID tags can be attached with money and clothing products as well. In most cases, such implantations are done to address the privacy issues. Growing usage of these products is obvious to increase the market size.

It is speculated that the market value of RFID can reach US$ 18.68 billion by the year 2026. To be specific, usages of these products in different segments like labels, software, cards, etc. are expected to grow significantly in coming years.

Bluebird bluetooth scanner (BI-500)

Active tag normally comes with a native battery. It transmits the ID signal in a timely fashion. On the other hand, the passive tags function with the help of battery. It can be made functional in presence of an RFID reader.

In comparison, the passive tags are quite cost-effective and tinier in comparison as well. The smaller size is because these don’t come with any battery. Rather, it uses the radio energy that is transmitted by the reader.

Warehouse Management system:

Warehouse management system or WMS is basically a software application developed to be used with the warehouses. It is highly used with the distribution center management as well. Starting from regular planning, strategizing, employing, to the usage of present resources, it can be used in various ways.

Blubird (BM-180)

Usage of WMS has helped in flawless management of the above aspects. Naturally, the industries have managed to enjoy greater productivity. These are mostly the strategic tools used by the business groups to fulfill the customer demands and the needs of the supply chains. It can also help in distribution channels.