Buy the best quality electronic devices / equipment for business works

The technology-based devices are not only meant for entertainment and communication applications. Nowadays, the business owners and the commercial clients are highly demanding for different electronic devices to manage their works flexibly. The modern age equipment and devices help the owners to keep a proper record of every process involved in the work.

The modern equipment also ensures proper transactions and dealings involved in the business. Some popular electronic gadgets which are on demand include laser barcode scanner, printers, RFID readers, mobile-based computers, PDAs, and ribbon decks. These devices are common in every office and institute.

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With the help of these electronic devices, the operations of the business are maintained with great simplicity. As the demands for the electronic gadgets are increasing, some service providers are dealing with different varieties of products to satisfy the needs of the clients. The reputed understand the need of the clients and accordingly have arranged the best quality devices of the leading brands.

Popular brands associated with the technological gadgets

It has been observed that the devices of BlueBird, Honeywell, and Intermec have a great demand in the present market. The clients and the business owners highly appreciate the performance and efficiency of these brands. Here, we have arranged some necessary information regarding the above brands and their products –

BlueBird –

BlueBird is highly popular for the Bluetooth scanners on the global platform. The Bluetooth scanners are mainly used to scan the barcodes on the products and thus are greatly demanded by the store owners and business owners. Apart from the Bluetooth scanners, the industrial PDA, Payment PDA, and Rugged pad of BlueBird are also very popular on the global market. Some reliable products of BlueBird include BI-300, BI-500, BIP-1300, BIP6000AA, and BM 180.

Honeywell –

You must have heard the name of Honeywell, as it is one of the best technology-oriented companies in this 21st century. All the products of Honeywell are greatly appreciated by the owners. It mainly deals with a handheld mobile computer; health care’s mobile computer, industrial cold storage mobile computer, industrial hazardous location mobile computers, and scanners. The mobile computers of Honeywell are so popular in the market that every day thousands of devices are produced at the production units.

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Intermec –

The equipment of Intermec is highly popular in the printing industries. The printers and scanners of Intermec are the best equipment in today’s market. Intermec mainly deals with hazardous environment PDAs, mobile computers, printers, RFID, and scanners. Some popular gadgets of Intermec include CK 3X, IF 2, Intermec PM 43, Intermec CK 71, Intermec CN 51 and much more.

If you want the above reliable products for your work, then you should find an efficient dealer of these brands. There is always an authorized dealer of the reputed brands. The authorized dealers handle both sales and service of the products. So, first, you need to find out the authorized dealer of the above brands.


Technology based equipments for easy business operation

Nowadays, the technology related stuff are greatly being used in the commercial and business sectors. The clients highly prefer the modern age equipment in order to manage the works efficiently. Again, with the help of different technology based equipment, it is also easy to keep a good track of the business and works.

Some popular technology based equipment involve barcode scanner, UHF RFID reader, printer readers, PDAs, and much more. As the demand for this equipment is greatly increasing, it led a path for different service providers to balance the demand and supply of the products.


The reputed service providers in the area understood the need of the clients and accordingly started to offer the best quality technology based equipment. Apart from supplying these products, the reputed firms also provide consultancy services. They first understand the requirement of the clients and accordingly suggest them the best possible equipment.


Well, the service of the reputed dealers doesn’t end with the consulting and supply of the products. They also provide after sales services for the comfort of the clients. Whatever may be the issues with the equipment, it doesn’t matter, the reputed dealers efficiently manage all the works effectively. The reputed firms have arranged an efficient team to handle the issues of the clients.

The team is comprised of experienced technicians, who can determine the issue of the equipment efficiently. The most common issues of the equipment include screen misbalance, dimmed screen, dark screen, the line on the screen, on and on issues and etc. The technicians understand the value of time for the clients and accordingly complete the work without any downtime.


To deliver the best quality products to the clients, the reputed service providers deal with the products of the following leading brands –

  • Bluebird – This is an international brand, which mainly deals with different scanners and PDAs. This brand has earned a good reputation in the market and the clients greatly appreciate the products of this brand. Some popular products of Bluebird include BI 300, BI 500, BIP 1300, BIP 6000AA, BM 180. It also deals with the best-rugged pad in the market.
  • Intermec – If you want the best scanners and printers, then you should probably consider the products of Intermec. There is a great demand for the Mobile receipt printer in the present market and the best quality printers are available with Intermec. Some popular products of Intermec include CK 3X, IF 2, Intermec CK 71, Intermec CN 51, Intermec PM 43 etc.Alpha-3R-1
  • Honeywell – You must have heard the name of Honeywell in the market. This brand is popularly known for scanners, hazardous location mobile computers, industrial cold storage mobile computer, healthcare mobile computer, handheld mobile computers etc. If you want to manage all your services digitally, then you should probably consider the products of Honeywell.

So, if you are looking out for the best products in the markets, then you should first find out reputed a dealer who has got authorization to deal with the above brands and products.

Choose a trustable reseller in Bangkok

Grab the desired technological equipment

Nowadays, all the day to day works as well as professional works are maintained with the help of different technology based equipment. Whether, to send a text to a client or to print the documents of the project, every work is dependent on the electronic gadgets. With the introduction of different technology based products, the complex works of the users became very easy and simple.

Ensure authentic technology based products through official resellers

There is a great demand for the technology based products such as mobile phones, RFID products, barcode label printer, bar code scanners, etc., in Bangkok. As Bangkok, is the capital of Thailand, it is highly known for its luxurious innovations and lifestyle. Some Multi National brands are established in Bangkok, which deals with different electronic gadgets.


Some leading technological giants include BlueBird, Honeywell, Intermec, and Urovo. The products of these leading brands are highly appreciated by the users in different corners of the world. To satisfy the demands of users, these brands have appointed efficient resellers in every location across the world.

It is the responsibility of the resellers to ensure proper supply and delivery to the users. Some unauthorized resellers are also dealing with all the needful products; don’t be confused with the official resellers. The official resellers deal with the authentic products and ensure proper warranty and guarantee of the technology based products.

The officially appointed resellers also offer pre-sales consulting services to the users, to deliver them the desired product. They understand the basic needs of the customers and accordingly suggest them the best possible products within the specified budget. Well, apart from ensuring a high-quality product to the customers, the official resellers also provide after sales services to the customers.

Common products which are represented by the reputed resellers in Bangkok

As the products work on the principle of electricity, it is obvious that there will make some errors after a certain interval. Thus, to reduce the stress of the users, the resellers offer necessary warranties on the products. Again, if anything happens to the product, then they ensure proper repairing of the product without any downtime. In Bangkok, the reputed official resellers mainly deal with the following products:

Mobile computing devices

With the help of these devices, it is feasible to manage the communication and transmission of video, voice, and data. These devices are used by people of every age group to ensure proper communication.

The POS devices

These devices work on the principle of mobile device management system. Thus it is possible to use these devices anywhere anytime. If you need an instant action, then you should opt for these devices. Some POS devices include smartphones, tablets, wireless scanners and printers.


Portable computers

These devices are mainly used to ensure proper monitoring and management of mobile devices for proper security.

Ware house management systems

These devices are mainly used in the warehouses to track day to day operations in the warehouses.

So, if you are seeking to buy any of the above systems, then don’t forget to grab it from an official reseller.

Significance of RFID and Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse management is a very important component of supply chain and has gained a very great deal of significance in today’s age. It includes a large number of activities such as transportation of materials and goods, picking, tracking, packing and maintenance of the inventory level, etc.


This process also includes the large checking number of boxes with the packaging number; product code which is performed manually definitely consumes a lot of time and accumulates a load of paperwork. In this competitive age, it is very important to have an efficient warehouse management system in the global business environment.

Companies also have started to implement different systems in their warehouses. One of the systems that are implemented by the warehouse systems which use the radio waves for the exchange of data between an electronic tag that is attached to the object and a reader for identification and tracking is RFID. RFID stands for Radio frequency identification.

Manage Your Inventory in the Best Way

RFID consists of three fundamental components that are RFID reader, RFID tag and the required hardware and software for communication. The tag of RFID consists of a microchip that is attached to a radio antenna which is then placed on the object that is to be recognized. To retrieve the data stored in the tag, a RFID reader is utilized that transfers the information to a computer system in place for the collection of data along with the help of antennas that emit radio waves.

The data which is transmitted by the tag might provide the information about location and identification or specification about the tagged product like the color, date of purchase, price, etc. Radio Frequency Identification tagging is used in the supply chain management as an option to the technology of bar code.

Your Inventory Gets Sorted With RFID

Though they are more expensive to use in comparison to the bar code stickers, RFID tags do not fall or get dirty or need an unobstructed line -of-sight between the reader and the tag. When compared to the barcode reader that needs clean and clear optics along with abrasion free labels to be observed with lasers, RFID enables the reading of tag form a larger distance even in the tough environments.


With the assistance of the RFID manufacturers, retailers and distributors can maintain extreme levels of inventory and get an effective track record regarding how and what are the sales in the past business days. Moreover, this management system also facilitates the enemy of data automatically rather than making manual stock entries on the document first and then type that into the computer.

This saves a lot of human efforts and time. The technology consists the potential of detection of missing shipments and makes the management aware that leads to a better regulation over the storage and management of the materials in the warehouse. This also facilitates the magnification of the efficiency of the shipment and receipt of goods which further allows the employees to maintain and improve high levels of customer service.

How to Manage Your Warehouse Efficiently

Is managing warehouse a serious challenge for you? A warehouse must be managed with high efficiency that would result in improvement of productivity and control. The companies that deal with huge quantities of stock must adopt technical advancements for controlling the operations in the warehouse. Warehouse management is progress and storage of a huge quantity of materials that are stored in the warehouse.


The warehouse management exclusively monitors the development of the products from end-to-end of the warehouse. The entire warehouse management involves physical infrastructure of the warehouse, the tracking system and the mode of communication between the product stations. Management of Warehouse deals with the storage, receipt as well as movement of goods. Along with this, it includes functions like warehouse cross-reference lists, warehouse master record and other such things that are operated manually.

Manage Your Day To Day Operations in Warehouse with WMS

The primary aim is to control movement and storage of the materials in the warehouse as well as control the processes that are associated with transactions that include receiving, shipping, and picking and put away. Warehouse Management System is software that helps in controlling and managing day-to-day operations performed within a warehouse.

This WMS software is designed to support the distribution centre management as well as staff. This facilitates management in organising, daily planning, directing, staffing and controlling the usages of resources that are available. WMS programs enable the centralised management of different tasks like tracking inventory levels as well as the stock locations. WMS can be a standalone application or a distinguished part of ERP system.

Get Prepared For High-End WMS!

The WMS of the earlier days only provided simple storage location functionality, but the current WMS applications are quite complex and data intensive. The high-end systems include routeing and tracking technologies like Radio Frequency Identification and voice recognition. WMS would provide simple functions and reduce the likelihood of the errors that likely occurs when the product is shipped.

This system exclusively helps the companies to fulfil the orders in a rapid and instant way and trace the ordered products that are stored or transferred within the warehouse. The ultimate goal of WMS is to provide management with information and control the entire movement of different materials within the warehouse in an efficient way.


Maintaining a paperless environment, WMS directs the employees in the company automatically for put-away, optimal picking and shipping of products. There are different types of WMS and does have their pros and cons. Standalone systems, ERP modules and cloud based are different types of WMS.

Manage the Warehouse with Reduced Time and Labour

RFID is a system which transmits the identity of the product as a unique serial number wirelessly; It is an auto-ID technology that is utilised for reducing the time and labour of work which ultimately improves real-time data accuracy. The tag used in this system consists a microchip that is attached to a radio antenna which is mounted on the substrate.

This superior technology amazingly connects the products with the internet that helps in tracking. With this technology, information can easily be shared with businesses that exist across the supply chain. Consulting a business centre where you can get the best functioning WMS and manage your warehouse efficiently.