Avail the best quality technological equipments from the authorized service providers

In this digital era, the business owners and the entrepreneurs are greatly using different varieties of digital control equipment, to enhance the productivity of the work. Well, it is very much necessary to walk along the trend and technology, to avail the best productivity in the business.

The reputed service providers understood the demand of the clients and accordingly started to represent various innovative technological gadgets or devices. The reputed companies first understand the necessity of the clients, and thus accordingly suggest them the best possible solution. The experts provide efficient consultations to the clients and help them in installing the necessary equipment for their work.


It has been observed that to fulfill the requirements of the clients; the reputed service providers deal with the products of the leading brands. Mainly, the technology based equipment of Intermec is greatly appreciated in the market. The business owners just love the flexibility of the Intermec products and greatly use them in their works.

Popular products of Intermec

Intermec is a subsidiary of Honeywell. In 2012, Honeywell acquired Intermec to enhance the manufacturing and production of digital based equipment. Intermec is highly popular for various data captures and automated identification equipment like Intermec mobile printer PR3 and much more.

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It has always won the hearts of the users, with its innovative features and digital controls. To deliver the products to the users, Intermec has managed some authorized distributors and service points. The authorized dealer of Intermec mainly deals with the following products, to satisfy the needs of the clients:


Intermec CN 51 –

If you are done with windows and Android devices, then it’s time for you to try this innovative product of Intermec. This device offers a large resistive display for the compatibility of the users. The battery power, scanning, and processing are also some of the important features of this product.

Intermec PM 43 –

These are third generation printers which are specially designed to ensure quick deployment and fast printing speed. With the help of this Intermec barcode printer, it is feasible to maximise the uptime, without any issues. These printers mainly feature a color touch screen, 10- languages, tamper proof, and excellent reliability.

Intermec IF 2 –


These are best quality RFID readers available in the market. The cost effective and compact design of these products lowers the deployment cost and helps the owners to efficiently handle the tracking and management of inventory applications. In short, these RFID readers are a just perfect return to the investments.

Intermec CK3X –

This equipment is the operation management equipment in the present market. These are maintained with latest technological features like 1 GHz multi engine processor, Microsoft windows 6.5.3, 1 GB internal memory, 8.9 cm display, wireless connection and much more. Because of affordable prices, there is a great demand for these products in the commercial market.

So, if you want to enhance your business operations with the help of technology based digital equipment, then you should find out the authorized dealer of Intermec first.


Technology based equipments for easy business operation

Nowadays, the technology related stuff are greatly being used in the commercial and business sectors. The clients highly prefer the modern age equipment in order to manage the works efficiently. Again, with the help of different technology based equipment, it is also easy to keep a good track of the business and works.

Some popular technology based equipment involve barcode scanner, UHF RFID reader, printer readers, PDAs, and much more. As the demand for this equipment is greatly increasing, it led a path for different service providers to balance the demand and supply of the products.


The reputed service providers in the area understood the need of the clients and accordingly started to offer the best quality technology based equipment. Apart from supplying these products, the reputed firms also provide consultancy services. They first understand the requirement of the clients and accordingly suggest them the best possible equipment.


Well, the service of the reputed dealers doesn’t end with the consulting and supply of the products. They also provide after sales services for the comfort of the clients. Whatever may be the issues with the equipment, it doesn’t matter, the reputed dealers efficiently manage all the works effectively. The reputed firms have arranged an efficient team to handle the issues of the clients.

The team is comprised of experienced technicians, who can determine the issue of the equipment efficiently. The most common issues of the equipment include screen misbalance, dimmed screen, dark screen, the line on the screen, on and on issues and etc. The technicians understand the value of time for the clients and accordingly complete the work without any downtime.


To deliver the best quality products to the clients, the reputed service providers deal with the products of the following leading brands –

  • Bluebird – This is an international brand, which mainly deals with different scanners and PDAs. This brand has earned a good reputation in the market and the clients greatly appreciate the products of this brand. Some popular products of Bluebird include BI 300, BI 500, BIP 1300, BIP 6000AA, BM 180. It also deals with the best-rugged pad in the market.
  • Intermec – If you want the best scanners and printers, then you should probably consider the products of Intermec. There is a great demand for the Mobile receipt printer in the present market and the best quality printers are available with Intermec. Some popular products of Intermec include CK 3X, IF 2, Intermec CK 71, Intermec CN 51, Intermec PM 43 etc.Alpha-3R-1
  • Honeywell – You must have heard the name of Honeywell in the market. This brand is popularly known for scanners, hazardous location mobile computers, industrial cold storage mobile computer, healthcare mobile computer, handheld mobile computers etc. If you want to manage all your services digitally, then you should probably consider the products of Honeywell.

So, if you are looking out for the best products in the markets, then you should first find out reputed a dealer who has got authorization to deal with the above brands and products.

RFID technology: The current advent in technology

Import and export of goods require a huge space. Without a proper technology, carrying information of thousands of such goods in booklets is an impossible task to work out. To handle that load, barcodes were invented to carry the maximum required information in minimum possible space such as tags.

The latest innovation in bar code technology is the RFID technology which works on the principle of using radio frequency to transfer data instead of visual scanning used by the previous version of bar codes. Without the need of human interaction, data collection with RFID technology is lightning fast and efficient for tracking items.


How is RFID better than traditional bar code system?

With a barcode system, tags printed via Intermec bar code printer are read via laser light reflections whereas RFID uses low watt radio frequency to read from or write into the tags. Equipped with a radio frequency antennae and a tiny computer chip, the RFID labels transfer information to the RFID readers. With the use of radio waves, the tags do not need to be in immediate proximity of the reader.

  1. Helps companies in cutting cost:

Reducing labor, increased accuracy, improved customer service, improved production output, and reduction in production cost is what a RFID technology pitches to its users with huge calculated benefits upon its implementation. The limitation of traditional ADC technology doesn’t apply to this latest tech invention.


A relatively clean and moisture free environment is required for systems like barcode and vision which rely on optics which is disrupted in the presence of harsh weather conditions. Touch memory tech does not require as much clean atmosphere but certainly do require proximity of the object to work with, like a physical touch is required. With RFID, working in harsh weather conditions is a child’s play.

  1. No storage issues:

Because traditional barcode technologies depend on touch or optics, they require a feasible environment to help the proper functioning of the readers. But with RFID technology, one does not need any specific storage space for the tags. Oil, dirt, harsh weather isn’t something to be bothered about when using RFID technology.


  1. Much larger data storage capacity:

Unlike other identification technologies, RFID can read, write and detect a large amount of data. It is way safer than its older counterparts who were too easy to copy or counterfeit. Radio Frequency Identification technology is much faster as it can read multiple tags at the same time that too within milliseconds, thus saving a lot of time for RFID users.

  1. Updated information:

While the goods are in supply chain, information can be corrected or added to with ease. There is no need to change the whole tag. Just a simple data correction is required, and it’s done.

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  1. Safety of information:

Certain data which the manufacturer wants to be kept from the supply chain or the end customer can be encrypted within the encoding of the computer chip to ensure zero data theft by unauthorized users.

All about RFID and how it has revolutionized contemporary business operation

Reading tags have gone easier than ever through RFID. RFID or Radio-frequency identification system makes use of the electromagnetic fields to spontaneously pick and keep track of the tags on the products. These tags are electronically kept data. There are two types of tags-active and passive. The passive tags get energy through any surrounding RFID reader’s cross checking waves. And, active tags are those which have a native power source in the formed battery and can be made functional at a distance of few meters from the RFID reader. Here the tags are not necessarily desired to be confined within the vision reader.

Extensive usage:

RFID tags are highly desired these days among various industries. It can be even used in the production process as well. Starting from manufacture of industrial equipment to that R&D equipment, it can be used in many cases. It provides greater control to the managers as they can control things straight from the warehouses. In fact, RFID microchips can be used to distinguish the pets or living organisms by installing in their bodies. These tags are being inserted within products of a diverse range, starting from wearable, cash/notes, animals, etc. Indeed, it provides greater privacy to the user. Its usage has increased among the spy service providers as well. Industries those want the highest level of security can also take these chips in to account for fulfilling their purposes.


Different Types of RFID:

RFID systems can also be distinguished regarding their tags. A passive reader active tag is the one that has a passive reader receiving the radio signals only through the battery functioned active tags. The receiving array of these types of readers can be set anywhere between 0 to around six hundred meters. Through the process, these devices provide greater flexibility with different kind of applications, providing greater security and management.

Coming to the active reader passive tag, these systems come with the active reader that propagates cross checking signals, as well as catches the verification answers from the passive tags. Well, one may also use the battery-assisted passive or BAP tags. These tags function as of a passive tag but contain a tiny battery to support the return signal of the tag.


Apart from these, there are fixed readers used to prepare certain cross-examination domain that can be strictly kept under control. One may go for the specific kind of tag as per their requirement. In normal cases, RFID is used for cross checking purpose over the air, reducing both the effort and time.

The growing popularity:

Needless is to say that the market of Radio Frequency Identification has grown significantly over time. Its market was around 8 billion dollars in 2013, which mounted to around 9 billion dollars in just one year of time. This can be stated as a result of greater usage of RFID in all segments of the products as mentioned above.



Ultimately, it can be claimed that RFID has brought a significant revolution in industrial processing. Resourced companies are very much interested in this concept. In fact, some of these prefer to have Intermec Barcode Printer as well.


Android Tablet Barcode Reader: Perfect recommendation for small businesses

You have to deal with stock management in every business. Even for a small enterprise, the stock management task gets hefty sometimes. Scanning and managing the stocks as per the barcodes can be the smoother way of maintaining the inventory. This also helps in handling the orders. On this context, business owners often take help of the barcode scanning systems for their stocks. However, taking help of such wholesome barcode scanners can be expensive for the small business groups.


The advantage of Android tablet barcode system:

If you are also a small business group owner and using a complete barcode scanning system is expensive for you, taking the help of an android tablet barcode system would be the best recommendation. These Android barcode readers are incredible for the small business groups. The investment you have to make for this fairly low in comparison with the full barcode systems. 

The best part about the Android barcode readers is their minimum requirement. To take help of such smart phone barcode reader, one simply needs a native camera and the connectivity options like USB or Bluetooth. Well, you may go with any of the two connectivity options as per your preference; though even the standard Android devices provide both these connectivity options. It means simply if you have an android device, this bar code reading idea can be suitable for you.    


Android Barcode Scanner Apps

There are incredible barcode scanner apps one can find in modern times. Apps like these can be easily availed for the Android devices in a huge variety. It’s an android device means having the camera is a like a must. It means you don’t have to make any extra expense in this regard. The application you install makes use of the native camera to read the image of the bar code and the code it. This method of barcode reading through Android is a good idea if your stock is less as these apps have been found to be taking little more time.

Android barcode USB Scanners

You can take the help of USB scanners as well those can be integrated with the Android slates. The best part, these devices are pretty small that can be taken anywhere. You can connect with the Android slates wirelessly as well. However, data read by these devices through wireless methods can be uploaded to the tablets upon next time linked through the USB cables. There are barcode scanners those are read by the tablets as USB keyboard.


Android barcode Bluetooth Scanners

You can find the barcode scanners those use Bluetooth connectivity options. All you need to ensure is that the device runs Android 2.1 or its greater version. If this is so, you can easily connect the Android slate with the scanner. In accordance with the device type, you have to change the position of the tablets while doing the scanning process and sending to the slates.   

One can easily get the scanner apps through Google Play through downloads or by purchasing. These can be availed through private developers as well.

Technology making industrial administration and security trustworthy

The industrial operation, administration, and management have evolved from human controlled aspects to device controlled aspects. Some technologically advanced concepts have arrived in this regard. The best part, these devices have made company administration and security aspects trustworthy. RFID and MDMs can be the perfect examples in this context.


Radio frequency identification or RFID makes use of the electromagnetic fields to spontaneously distinguish and follow the tags attached to the product. The tags usually keep digital information. Tags gather energy from the radio waves of a reader device kept close. These tags can be of two types- active and passive.


Passive tags have energy as explained above. On the other hand, the active tags get powered through a native power house, something like a battery. This power source may operate at a significant distance from the RFID reader. Distinguishing part about the barcodes is that here the tag doesn’t need to be in line with the vision of the person. It can be thus implanted within a tracked device. Today RFID tags are used by several industries.

These tags are mostly used during the automobile manufacture for tracking the process. There is a great use of these tags among the pharmaceutical industries as well. In fact, RFID microchips are being implanted these days in living organisms for a better identification of those. It means these tags can be integrated with money, wearable, animals, etc. to meet the demands of the highest level privacy.

This is why the large scale industries are making the most use of these tags than the smaller ones. The growth of the market for RFID has been quite noteworthy since its inception. To be specific, the concept has witnessed a significant growth since 2012. Though lion’s credit of this growth goes to the large companies, it is certainly expected that the same level of growth can be witnessed among the small scale industries in coming days.

Mobile Device Management System:

Mobile device management system or MDM is another promising concept in the world of technology. It is a professional term used for the administration of smartphones, slates, notebooks, PCs, etc. This concept is particularly executed through the help of an external product having management features for specific suppliers of the smartphone devices.


Moreover, it has turned out to be one of the best ways of ensuring the perfect administration of the employees within the organization. There are many industries at present those are making use of the MDM devices for regulating the performance of their officials. In most cases, MDM is used for adding security to emails, protecting the corporate data over the official systems, checking whether the corporate regulations are being executed properly, incorporating the smartphones and laptops within the company, etc.

Interestingly, it is possible to go for cloud based MDM implementation as well. MDM features can be used for air distribution of application, information and configuration settings for a range of devices including smartphones, PCs, printers, etc. For their usability with both private smartphones as well as the phones given by the company, MDM has managed to be preferable among the company management groups.

Choose a trustable reseller in Bangkok

Grab the desired technological equipment

Nowadays, all the day to day works as well as professional works are maintained with the help of different technology based equipment. Whether, to send a text to a client or to print the documents of the project, every work is dependent on the electronic gadgets. With the introduction of different technology based products, the complex works of the users became very easy and simple.

Ensure authentic technology based products through official resellers

There is a great demand for the technology based products such as mobile phones, RFID products, barcode label printer, bar code scanners, etc., in Bangkok. As Bangkok, is the capital of Thailand, it is highly known for its luxurious innovations and lifestyle. Some Multi National brands are established in Bangkok, which deals with different electronic gadgets.


Some leading technological giants include BlueBird, Honeywell, Intermec, and Urovo. The products of these leading brands are highly appreciated by the users in different corners of the world. To satisfy the demands of users, these brands have appointed efficient resellers in every location across the world.

It is the responsibility of the resellers to ensure proper supply and delivery to the users. Some unauthorized resellers are also dealing with all the needful products; don’t be confused with the official resellers. The official resellers deal with the authentic products and ensure proper warranty and guarantee of the technology based products.

The officially appointed resellers also offer pre-sales consulting services to the users, to deliver them the desired product. They understand the basic needs of the customers and accordingly suggest them the best possible products within the specified budget. Well, apart from ensuring a high-quality product to the customers, the official resellers also provide after sales services to the customers.

Common products which are represented by the reputed resellers in Bangkok

As the products work on the principle of electricity, it is obvious that there will make some errors after a certain interval. Thus, to reduce the stress of the users, the resellers offer necessary warranties on the products. Again, if anything happens to the product, then they ensure proper repairing of the product without any downtime. In Bangkok, the reputed official resellers mainly deal with the following products:

Mobile computing devices

With the help of these devices, it is feasible to manage the communication and transmission of video, voice, and data. These devices are used by people of every age group to ensure proper communication.

The POS devices

These devices work on the principle of mobile device management system. Thus it is possible to use these devices anywhere anytime. If you need an instant action, then you should opt for these devices. Some POS devices include smartphones, tablets, wireless scanners and printers.


Portable computers

These devices are mainly used to ensure proper monitoring and management of mobile devices for proper security.

Ware house management systems

These devices are mainly used in the warehouses to track day to day operations in the warehouses.

So, if you are seeking to buy any of the above systems, then don’t forget to grab it from an official reseller.