How useful are Warehouse Management System and RFID

Technology has made things absolutely easy for modern day industries. Starting from production to safety aspects, technology has turned out to be the necessity of all. It has streamlined the process and improved productivity. As the human efforts are minimized, the tasks can be accomplished in minimal time.


Radio-frequency identification of RFID is one such incredible concept. RFID mostly uses electromagnetic fields to spontaneously distinguish and read the tags attached with an object. These tags often contain electronically preserved details.

In general, the tags can be divided in to tow types; one is active tag and the other is passive tag. Passive tags accumulate energy from the RFID reader’s probing radio waves. Active tags on the other hand contain a native power source, something like a battery that can operate at a far distance from the RFID reader.


Tags can be distinguished from the usual barcodes as the tags don’t need to be there within the line of vision of the reader. Hence, it can be integrated within the tracked product. RFID is one of the ways for automatic identification and data capture.

Radio Frequency Identification concept is used in various industries. One can easily find RFID tag with an automobile product while the production process goes on, primarily for tracking its progression rate. Apart from this, these tags are also used with pharmaceutical products to be tracked from the warehouses. In fact, RFID microchips can also be implanted within the animals for their distinction.

Well, RFID tags can be attached with money and clothing products as well. In most cases, such implantations are done to address the privacy issues. Growing usage of these products is obvious to increase the market size.

It is speculated that the market value of RFID can reach US$ 18.68 billion by the year 2026. To be specific, usages of these products in different segments like labels, software, cards, etc. are expected to grow significantly in coming years.

Bluebird bluetooth scanner (BI-500)

Active tag normally comes with a native battery. It transmits the ID signal in a timely fashion. On the other hand, the passive tags function with the help of battery. It can be made functional in presence of an RFID reader.

In comparison, the passive tags are quite cost-effective and tinier in comparison as well. The smaller size is because these don’t come with any battery. Rather, it uses the radio energy that is transmitted by the reader.

Warehouse Management system:

Warehouse management system or WMS is basically a software application developed to be used with the warehouses. It is highly used with the distribution center management as well. Starting from regular planning, strategizing, employing, to the usage of present resources, it can be used in various ways.

Blubird (BM-180)

Usage of WMS has helped in flawless management of the above aspects. Naturally, the industries have managed to enjoy greater productivity. These are mostly the strategic tools used by the business groups to fulfill the customer demands and the needs of the supply chains. It can also help in distribution channels.

How to Manage Your Warehouse Efficiently

Is managing warehouse a serious challenge for you? A warehouse must be managed with high efficiency that would result in improvement of productivity and control. The companies that deal with huge quantities of stock must adopt technical advancements for controlling the operations in the warehouse. Warehouse management is progress and storage of a huge quantity of materials that are stored in the warehouse.


The warehouse management exclusively monitors the development of the products from end-to-end of the warehouse. The entire warehouse management involves physical infrastructure of the warehouse, the tracking system and the mode of communication between the product stations. Management of Warehouse deals with the storage, receipt as well as movement of goods. Along with this, it includes functions like warehouse cross-reference lists, warehouse master record and other such things that are operated manually.

Manage Your Day To Day Operations in Warehouse with WMS

The primary aim is to control movement and storage of the materials in the warehouse as well as control the processes that are associated with transactions that include receiving, shipping, and picking and put away. Warehouse Management System is software that helps in controlling and managing day-to-day operations performed within a warehouse.

This WMS software is designed to support the distribution centre management as well as staff. This facilitates management in organising, daily planning, directing, staffing and controlling the usages of resources that are available. WMS programs enable the centralised management of different tasks like tracking inventory levels as well as the stock locations. WMS can be a standalone application or a distinguished part of ERP system.

Get Prepared For High-End WMS!

The WMS of the earlier days only provided simple storage location functionality, but the current WMS applications are quite complex and data intensive. The high-end systems include routeing and tracking technologies like Radio Frequency Identification and voice recognition. WMS would provide simple functions and reduce the likelihood of the errors that likely occurs when the product is shipped.

This system exclusively helps the companies to fulfil the orders in a rapid and instant way and trace the ordered products that are stored or transferred within the warehouse. The ultimate goal of WMS is to provide management with information and control the entire movement of different materials within the warehouse in an efficient way.


Maintaining a paperless environment, WMS directs the employees in the company automatically for put-away, optimal picking and shipping of products. There are different types of WMS and does have their pros and cons. Standalone systems, ERP modules and cloud based are different types of WMS.

Manage the Warehouse with Reduced Time and Labour

RFID is a system which transmits the identity of the product as a unique serial number wirelessly; It is an auto-ID technology that is utilised for reducing the time and labour of work which ultimately improves real-time data accuracy. The tag used in this system consists a microchip that is attached to a radio antenna which is mounted on the substrate.

This superior technology amazingly connects the products with the internet that helps in tracking. With this technology, information can easily be shared with businesses that exist across the supply chain. Consulting a business centre where you can get the best functioning WMS and manage your warehouse efficiently.

Digitize Your Enterprise with Barcode Readers and Mobile POS Devices

Technology has gone through a lot of steps of advancements. The office work that was done via pen and papers in the past is now accomplished through computers and printers. Besides, the days of handbills are also at their last stage. The bill generator printers are in the market today with the help of which you can get your bills printed automatically. The method of barcode reading is a wonderful method for generating bills.

Barcode is a code that can be read by the barcode readers. In the past, only a few machines were able to read the barcodes. But, it has become very easy nowadays to read the barcodes due to the availability of smartphones. However, there are some apps available over net through which you can read these codes. But, generating the bill and getting every detail over the invoices may not be possible through a simple application. You can get a wonderful smart phone barcode reader from the market these days. The barcode reader scans the barcode and prints all the details of the product over the invoice.

The barcodes have different purposes nowadays. Some of the barcodes are just meant for extracting the information. On the other hand, there are some, which are for sending and receiving payments. This is the era of cashless payments. You can also purchase the products via digital payments. There are different methods of digital payments. One of the ways is internet or mobile wallets. These wallets contain the digital money that you can fill via your credit or debit card or can transfer or get transferred the money via other wallets. Now, there are the barcodes, which can be scanned and payments can be made on shops.

Apart from barcode scanning, another thing that is popular in the industry is the cash register. This process was accomplished before manually, but today we have the mobile POS device, also known as mPOS. mPOS is a smartphone, tablet or a dedicated wireless device to perform the function of a cash register or electronic point of sale terminal.

You can get these excellent devices with ease these days. You need not to search for different electronic shops in order to get these devices. Various internet resources are available for accomplishing this purpose. On many of the ecommerce websites selling electronics, printers, digital data devices and many other such products, you can find these barcode readers or mPOS devices. You can also know about different brands over these internet sites. You can compare the products of brands over these sites and can get those, which are best suitable for your enterprises. Besides, you can also compare the costs of these devices. So, it also becomes easier for you to understand which device is under your budget.

With the passage of time, the trend of these readers and mPOS devices is increasing. More advanced technology is coming in picture with the passage of time. It is hoped that these devices will be proved to be helpful for you and your enterprise.

This Is Why You Need A Handheld Mobile Computer

Mobile computing has become an integral part of our daily lives, whether at work or home. At work, it has made employee’s lives much easier as they can complete tasks from home and do not need to be physically present round the clock. The choice to work from home has thus, become a more popular option with increased advancement in technology. Also, from business perspective, they accelerate the amount of work that can be completed in a day with accuracy and efficiency and results can be delivered instantly and productively.

Here, we will explore the benefits of a handheld mobile computer in detail.




One of the first things that you look for when you buy any machine is its durability. It is true, in most cases that with over a prolonged period of time, the efficiency of a machine degrades and hence its performance. However, handheld mobile computers offer robust packaging and devices like  Honeywell’s Tecton MX7CS come with robust built and can operate in extreme cold environments with temperature as low as 30℃. Such devices possess internal heaters and screen defrosters to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions. So, investing in one would definitely save you money over a long period of time.



Easy Installation, Easy To Use


Like any other computing device, mobile computers can be easily installed without any help from a programming expert. It follows the same installation procedures like any other computer or laptop. Moreover, you can synchronize a variety of handheld information with a computer. Many mobile computers come with infrared beaming which means you can transfer data without cables or any external devices. Also, they are rather small in size and come in numerous innovative lightweight designs that make them pretty handy to carry and use at all times.




As we mentioned earlier, a handheld mobile computer offers you the scope of working outside stipulated working hours. With one in hand, you have immediate access to shared files and documents and the whole customer relationship management (CRM) system. This means, as an employer, you have granted them much higher level of flexibility to meet their job responsibilities. This is a valuable recourse in situations where an employee is traveling or can’t be physically present but can make use of real-time to access and update information in order to offer better customer support, hence yielding better productivity.




Unlike other machines, mobile computers are designed with features such as prolonged battery life and a powerful hard drive to ensure reliable and uninterrupted services at all times. Such devices undergo major weather testing conditions and uses latest technology to ensure high end performance under all conditions. Better performance would generate improved work performance and reduced cycle times on employee’s part that would yield higher customer satisfaction.


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Things To Consider Before Buying A Barcode Printer

A barcode printer is used to read barcode labels. It uses laser beam which is sensitive to the reflections coming from the space and line thickness and variation. If you are considering to buy a barcode printer, you need to choose one that suits your application needs.

Intemec barcode printer comes in different varieties depending on application needs, so for you to pick one, you need to know the essentials in order to you make the right choice.

What You Need To Know

Usage: How many labels are needed to be printed per day? If you are printing 100 to 500 labels per day, a small desktop printer is ideal for you. If more than 500 labels are printed per day, then a light duty full sized entry level  industrial printer is recommended. Such printers use comparatively larger rolls that demand less frequent refills and are typically made to print larger quantities.

If your requirement exceeds over 1000 labels per day, you should get yourself a mid range industrial printer like the Intermec PM43 that is ideal for mid range applications. For more than 5000 labels per day, a high performance printer is the best such as Intermec’s PX Series High performance printers.


System Adjustments

Existing system: If you are buying an additional printer for your existing system, then buy a printer that is compatible with your system. Different brands of printers have their own printing language. So ensure that your system is compatible with your printing machine.

New System: Barcode printers require labeling software in order to produce labels. If you are purchasing an Intermec printer and there exists no Intermec system in place, you need to consider the software. All kind of printers have basic demo label producing software that allows only single label prints and doesn’t provide any connectivity to any kind of database.

Entry level programs such as Bar One, Label View or Label Matrix allow more multiple label prints and advanced label design and pulls information from standard Window based databases. Most printers contain Windows print driver that is compatible with most Windows based programs.

Label Size: Maximum barcode printers possess maximum print width of 4.09’. If you need to print on a wider label, go for wide web printers that can print labels up to 8.5” width.

Thermal transfer vs Direct Thermal: Both are effective, however barcodes that are created from a direct thermal printers are more prone to become unreadable as they fade or go yellow upon exposure to heat, chemicals and sunlight. Hence, they lack longevity of barcodes that are created by thermal transfer.

Thermal transfer printers cost more due to their barcode longevity, overall higher printing quality and costlier production materials.

Resolution:  Resolution is the degree of sharpness of an image that a printer can produce. This depends on dpi, i.e. how many dots per inch is the printhead able to print. The size of the barcodes determine the resolution of the barcode. Most barcode printers are 203 dpi. They can produce UPC or any kind of shipping label or bar code. A 203 dpi printer works fine for larger label size like standard shipping labels that are scannable at a lower resolution.

If you need to produce very detailed graphics or exceedingly dense  barcodes, then you opt for 300 dpi or 600 dpi for even more intrinsic graphic creations and tiny barcodes. The more minute the barcodes are, you need higher resolution printers to scan them easily.

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Mobile Computers, Mobile Printers and Other Products with Online Buying Options

As the technology is getting more and more advanced, the mobile versions of every product are coming into the picture. The mobile computers are most widely popular today. Today is the era of corporate growth. More and more people are desirous of some technological innovations, which could allow them to do more and more work in the less time. Working while travelling is the concept, which is in the picture in the coming scenario. The mobile computer is the perfect option in this regard.

The mobile computers are the ideal ways to accomplish the purpose of working while travelling. There are different brands of mobile computers in the current scenario. Intermec is the perfect instance in this regard without any second thought. A large number of people from different parts of the world like to buy Intermec mobile computer these days.

There are many other mobile electronic products available today, which are perfect to work on the way. The mobile printers are one more options here.

Apart from the mobile computers and printers, many other electronic products are available in the market these days, which ease your task. Some of these products are also perfect to attach with mobile computers One of more example, we can take of is UHF RFID Reader. It is Ultra High Frequency RFID reader, which reads the information on RFID tags.

if2-readerSale and Purchase of Mobile Computers and Other Products

Intermec mobile computers and some other mobile products are available today at a number of stores. But, the major stores, which are famous today in this regard, are the online stores. The online stores keep the products of various brands at a single place. Moreover, with the help of these stores, you can also compare the prices of the products and can avail the best ones according to their desire and requirements.

Online stores also provide you the updated versions of the electronic products. With the advancing technologies, we find the upgraded versions of the products, which make your tasks much easier as compared to the products that we used to utilize before.

Besides, you easily know about the warranties available with the electronic products over the internet sites. There may be two types of warranties, which can be available with the products. In the first type, we can keep those, which are provided by the manufacturers. Usually, the manufacturers of the electronic products have some warranties with their products for a year or more. If your product becomes faulty before completion of warranty period, the repairing is done free of cost if your gadget fulfills the conditions. Sometimes, the manufacturers also provide the replacement guarantee up to some time span. On the other hand, there are some warranties, which are provided by the sellers. Sometimes, the online stores also provide some warranties to the customers. On the other hand, you also get some discounts from the online stores. The online stores also make it easier for you to buy the products while sitting at home in the fast paced life of today. Sometimes, some gadgets are launched on specific websites only, which are not available in the conventional market. So, you can acquire those products at the online stores, which are not available in the conventional market.